New Deadlift PR…And Then Sickness

So, as you can see from the main picture above, I hit my Deadlift PR of 370lbs for a triple just last Tuesday night.  I would’ve loved to hit at least two more reps but it just wasn’t happening.  Below is the entire workout with a little more detail than in the picture:


135lbs – 1 x 5

165lbs – 1 x 5

200lbs – 1 x 5

300lbs – 1 x 5 – beltless

335lbs – 1 x 3 – w/belt

370lbs – 1 x 3 – w/belt – new PR

Leg Curl

50lbs – 1 x 12

80lbs – 1 x 12

105lbs – 1 x 9 – clearly, my hamstrings had enough by this point!

So, as of this workout my new 1RM is 405.  I discussed briefly how to calculate your 1RM in my last article and I will probably write an article on it soon.  But this was and still is really exciting for me, being that I came such a long way since April of 2015.  This was exciting enough that, instead of just making my usual post workout shake – which is delicious enough, believe me! – I decided I wanted real food.  So I made scrambled eggs, English muffin…and bacon.  Yeah, that was my big mistake that night because the very next morning I felt very different.  I won’t go into full details but let’s just say my projectile vomiting bacon grease ensured I wasn’t going to work that morning.

But wait, it gets better!  I wound up not eating any solid food for days – last night being the first time since Wednesday – and whatever I did take in didn’t stay in for long.  I finally went to the doctor on Saturday and after swimming for days in fears that I might’ve developed a hernia as result of my 4mm thick belt pushing into my upper abdomen, it turned out that I have a stomach bug.  The doctor gave me a prescription for pills to stop the nausea that comes for eating anything and told me to drink Pedialite.  For those of you who don’t what Pedialite is, it’s liquid electrolytes for children who lose them from diarrhea and vomiting.  Me?  I just went to CVS and found their store brand adult electrolyte.

So, what happens now?  Well, I feel like I’m doing better.  Problem now is that I still don’t have an appetite and I still feel very bloated throughout the day.  I predict it’ll be another week before I can go back to the gym, so when I do I plan on making it a deload week just to start off light and not risk hurting myself.  Since I never got to do my planned 5/3/1 Bench Press and Squat workouts I plan on restarting those two whole training cycles all over again.  So, what did I learn here?  C’mon sense reigns supreme…and I’m a knucklehead.  If you have to wake up early in the morning, why would anyone eating something as greasy as bacon before bed??

Here’s the Instagram video of my Deadlift PR.  Be sure to follow me there @strengthenandconquer.  Thanks for reading!


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