The Benefits Of Dextrose Powder Intra And Post Workout


If you’re much like me there was probably a time where you read about the latest powders that can help you recover from the most intense workouts, helping you to put on size quickly, which the scientific “research” to help back up their claims.  You’d then go to your nearest supplement shop, and spend a good chunk of change on something that does nothing for you at all.  That was me with BCAA powder for a few years between 2015 and 2017, if I’m not mistaken, until I remembered the Branch Chain Amino Acids are already in the food we eat.  They also are nowhere near as important as Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s).

So what can we use, other than just water during and after our workouts, you ask?  Remember that our muscles need fast digesting carbohydrates before and especially after our training is complete.  While they shouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis, fast digesting carbs have a high glycemic index (GI) and smaller molecules, meaning the body absorbs them into the small intestine at a faster rate.  On the flip side of that coin, they also aid in replacing depleted glycogen stores in your muscles and that’s what we’re after.  Enter Dextrose Powder.

A Few Facts About Dextrose Powder

  • Dextrose Powder is a simple sugar.  As mentioned above, by the time your training is complete your glycogen stores will most likely be depleted.  Since we know that Glycogen is form of energy stored in animals and bacteria, it should be replaced right away.  Since Dextrose Powder is a fast digesting Carbohydrate, it will go straight into your blood stream, refilling your empty glycogen stores right away.
  • Due to it’s ability to refill glycogen storage quickly, Dextrose Powder can actually be used during your training as well as after you’re finished.  I happen to use 1 scoop per 4 oz. of water in my bottle with a sprinkle of sea salt, and I never feel as weak as I know I would have with just water…or BCAA powder.  I therefore highly recommend it for anyone who trains with high intensity and requires as much endurance as necessary.
  • It’s incredibly affordable.  You read that correctly!  They may not be necessarily made available by all your favorite brands in your nearest supplement store.  But you can find a good 7lb jar for less than $30.  It’s most likely because it’s not as popular as most other supplements.  But it’s afforable and most of all it’s effective.

You can find most Dextrose brands on online.  Below is the link to order the brand I happen to use.


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