Stuck Without A Gym? Try This!

How’s everybody?  If you’re reading this I really do hope you’re safe and healthy.

If you’re living anywhere in New York (state and city), New Jersey or Connecticut, then you know by now that all three of these states have ordered that all gyms and fitness centers are to close indefinitely, possibly for the next 2 weeks to a month thanks to the spread of Covid-19, also known as coronavirus.  And like you, I’m not happy at all about the fact that I can’t kick ass in my own gym for bit.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways you can train from home or even in a park if you’re nearby one!  In fact, I took and entire month off from the gym in August for unrelated reasons, choosing to train at home with just the few pieces of equipment available to me.  You can do the same if you have the following:

  • Lacrose Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Mini and/or Light Resistance Bands (constant tension, making this a very suitabe replacement for weights!)
  • Yoga Mat (optional)

I try my best to treat these bodyweight/resistance band programs like any other program involving barbells and dumbbells, via changes in tempo, the addition of bands for extra tension, etc.  And one of the best ways to do so is to incorporate exercises that somewhat emulate your usual exercises.

First off, just like any other gym routine,you must warm up, especially your Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex.  Without a loose lower back and hips, you can potentially hurt yourself.  My go to warmup routine for months now has been the DeFranco Agile 8, as seen below:

After you’ve loosened up your hips you may begin this routine.  As you might know I’m a fan of full body routines as well as concentrating on compound movements for total stimulation, which will absolutely be crucial for a few weeks.  Here’s the routine:

  1. Banded Good Mornings – 3×20
  2. Banded Pull Aparts – 3×20 (x/x/x tempo)
  3. Bodyweight Squats – 3×20 or to failure if you want to challenge yourself.
  4. Bodyweight Pushups – 5×10 once you can hit all 50 reps challenge yourself with a mini resistance band around your back, your hands holding it down.
  5. Resistance Band Overhead Press – 5×10  Once you’ve hit all 50 reps try to use a light resistnace band on the last set the next time you perform the routine.
  6. Planks – 30 seconds per side, trying to increase your time under tension each day your train.

For your first week, take 3 minutes between sets and 5 minutes between exercises.  The following week you’ll shave 30 seconds off each rest period.  So instead of resting five minutes between exercises you’ll rest just 4 and a half minutes.  Likewise, you’ll then be resting for just 2 and half minutes between sets.  And you’ll repeat this process the following week.  This’ll help you develop your General Physical Preparedness, as this program was designed to not only be effective with all the muscle groups it hits, but to not be time consuming.

Try this out for a few weeks and tell me how it worked for you.  Remember, this is a tough time for all of us; but never let that be an excuse to sit on your couch, eat horribly and waste away.  The only way to really get past this is to stay healthy and you won’t accomplish that by being a sloth.



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