HG 2.0: The Digital Revival Of Hardgainer Magazine!

Announcing: HARDGAINER 2.0

HARDGAINER print magazine—HG 1.0—was published every other month from 1989 until 2004, for 89 issues. All the issues of HARDGAINER 2.0 will be brand new and published monthly. HG 2.0 is not a digitalization of the issues of HG 1.0. “Why are you bringing HG back?” you may ask. Because its message is still sorely needed today, and because I’m full of energy and enthusiasm to publish it again. I lost my mojo for a while because I was so exhausted by work and the rigors of my life outside of work. But today, my life is much simpler and I can comfortably devote my full working life to the magazine. HG 2.0 is digital, not paper format. (A print training magazine isn’t viable today.) But it looks like a magazine, not a website. And you’ll be able to read it across your devices. Some of the most trustworthy authors from HG 1.0 will contribute exclusive, new articles alongside exclusive, fresh content from other exceptional, trustworthy authors, including some from a new generation of writers and coaches. And today, I’m much more knowledgeable about training than I was when I published HG 1.0, and a better writer and editor. HG 2.0 is based on the same principles that HG 1.0 was founded on. So, it’s devoid of synthetic (drug-fed) muscle monsters and free of the drugs, egos, fraud, training nonsense, and endless ads and commercial messages that are endemic in the mainstream. And it’s not a photo album or a catalog of food supplements. I’ll publish the first issue of HG 2.0 on April 10th. And how to order will be made public on that day, so you can receive your first issue as soon as you’ve signed up. The first issue has 60 pages. The training experience of the authors in it totals around 400 years. Not just any type of training experience, though, but mostly abbreviated training. HG 2.0 is a one-of-a-kind, monthly feast of inspiration, motivation, and premium instruction for building muscle and strength without using bodybuilding drugs. HG 2.0 will focus your attention on a single, time-tested, time-efficient, and highly effective way to train—abbreviated training properly applied. But this trustworthy, specialized approach has different interpretations, to accommodate the needs of all trainees. And the magazine is for all gainers, not just hard gainers. HG 2.0 will be even better than HG 1.0 because your subscription will get you more than just a magazine. More on that later. Whether you’re a man or a woman; a bodybuilder or a strength trainee; use free-weights, machines or a mixture of the two; train in a home gym, commercial facility or elsewhere; or whatever your age; HG 2.0 will help you no end.

Welcome! 💪👊👍

This is a direct statement from Stuart McRobert, the legendary Iron Man Magazine columnist, author of books such as Brawn, Beyond Brawn, and of course, Hardgainer Magazine. Stuart released this statement this past week on Chris Donlon’s Abbreviated Training group on Facebook. Needless to say, the announcement was met with overwhelmingly positive responses.

The History Of Hardgainer Magazine

Starting in 1989, Stuart McRobert, already carrying a reputation for his articles in Iron Man Magazine, parlayed that into his own magazine. Hardgainer – the term which McRobert himself coined – was the ultimate answer and salvation for anyone willing and ready to look past the more mainstream magazines that are more tailored to advanced athletes and bodybuilders. Hardgainer catered to the drug free crowd, as well as those who might not have the time to three times a week or more. Therefore, old school, basic routines, such as the 20 Rep Squat Routine would be introduced to a new generation.

With Hardgainer Magazine, you were provided with:

  • Templates for simple yet effective Bodybuilding routines
  • Basic Powerlifting routines
  • Nutritional guidaince
  • Injury and recovery guidance

That’s the short list. But read between the lines. While McRobert might have coined the term “Hardgainer” he made clear something I said in a previous article: to be a Hardgainer is not a death sentence. All you need to do is get serious, use your instincts and train smarter. Hell, if I, with my lower than average genetics kept using body part splits that the pros use I never would’ve squatted 350lbs or deadlifted 410lbs.


Beginning in 2018, Chris Donlon began the Abbreviated Training group on Facebook, noticing the lack of useful information on basic, effective training for drug free athletes of all kinds following the 2004 retirement of Hardgainer Magazine. As explained in his own statement regarding the revival of the magazine, after some time he contacted Staurt McRobert and convinced him to join Facebook and ultimately his group. Both Donlon and McRobert realized their ideals and views on training and nutrtion were so identical that it inspired McRobert to revive Hardgainer Magazine on a digital platform.

So why is this a big deal? Because there is way too much information on training from experts who, while meaning well, offer advice that’s way to generalized. It’s a big deal because the man behind the magazine and the earlier aforementioned books has been in the situation that most of us with not the best genetics have been in. Stuart McRobert was the one of the first to let it be known that yes, you cannot be as big as Mr. O. But there’s still hope if you’re willing to train not just harder, but smarter.

If you want to join the Abbreviated Training group on Facebook, you may do so by clicking here. I hope to see you there.


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