Chelated Magnesium

There’ve been quite a few articles, and videos, regarding the Top 3 Natural Testosterone Boosters and in the case of some videos, whether or not you should incorporate them into your own regimen. If you haven’t seen them already here’s a quick spoiler alert: they are Vitamin D3, Zinc and of course Magnesium. And one more spoiler alert: of course you should be taking them! I kind of alluded to the benefits of Zinc and Magnesium as individual minerals in a recent article I wrote on ZMA’s. So I decided to write something a little more specific, as there are at least few types of Magnesium on the market.

Quick Run Through On Magnesium’s Benefits

Let’s first start of with a brief rundown of the benefits of Magnesium for those of you who might be unaware. Magnesium is a mineral that is crucial for:

  • Relaxed Muscles
  • Relaxed Nerves (This can help if you suffer from depression)
  • Possible Boost In Athletic Performance
  • Decreased Insulin Resistance
  • Improves PMS symptoms

And some food sources of Magnesium include, but are not limited to:

  • Cooked Spinach (cooking spinach increases the amount of Magnesium in it)
  • Almonds
  • Avocados
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Dark Chocolate (the real stuff, not Milk Chocolate)
  • Salmon

While there are quite few natural, readily available sources of Magnesium, most of the general public is still deficient in this amazing mineral. Part of this can be directly related to diet, hence why such minerals are available in supplement form. But it also can be related to absorption. Magnesium is chiefly absorbed through the small intestine, its absorption being dependent on the amount ingested. As we age, we produce less stomach acid, therefore limiting the amount of mineral we absorption. Other factors may block its absorption as well, such as interactions with other vitamins and minerals and especially medications.

So What Is Chelated Magnesium?

By definition, to chelate (KEY-late) means to boost the absorption of a mineral or vitamin. This is done by binding a mineral to an amino acid, ensuring the mineral won’t interact with anything else once it’s ingested. Therefore, a Magnesium in chelated form won’t require as much stomach acid as a non chelated form. It also will absorb better in the small intestine, not requiring as much water to do so. That alone, in my opinion, makes Chelated Magnesium far more effective that any other source.

This is important because, as mentioned before, most people do not acquire enough Magnesium in their diet. I alone mentioned in my ZMA article that I do not eat salmon (or any fish for that matter!). And don’t forget that some of us out there might not like any of the other food sources of Magnesium, or they’re on a specific diet for any number of reasons. So that’s why it’s important to supplement with any minerals your diet might be lacking in.


Suggested Use is four tablets, one with each meal. I wouldn’t do that right away!

The Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of Magnesium for males 19 and up is 400 – 420mg, with the RDA being set at 300 – 320mg for women. If you use Solgar’s Chelated Magnesium, one serving size consist of four pills. While it’s recommended that one pill is ingested with each meal, I’d do so with caution. Being that Magnesium is a muscle relaxer, it can also loosen your bowels. And since stomach problems and diarrhea are two common side effects of consuming Magnesium, I wouldn’t recommend taking four pills daily.

While I personally take just half a pill with my last meal, I’d say start with just one pill a day during your final meal. Historically, results on any Magnesium use are varied from one individual to another. So with Chelated Magnesium, your own use should be more instinctive. If your diet includes at least any of the foods mentioned above, then you’re already on the right track, which again is why these pills are only meant to supplement your diet, not be the only source of the mineral.


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